Pirate Life Throwback India Pale Ale 4 * 355ml

$16.99 each
2 for $30

Throwback IPA may be mid-strength, but it’s certainly no shrinking violet. Wielding a broad malt profile and a generous whack of hops, this expertly crafted session IPA continues to satisfy beer drinkers the world over. From Port Adelaide to Penang, there’s nothing quite like a Throwy…The nose shows lifted notes of citrus and pine, with an underlying sappy, resinous quality. Its dank and slightly herbaceous. On the palate, oven baked biscuit and toffee malt develops quickly in to bright and juicy citrus. Grapefruit and lemon present well, pairing with a vibrant, sherbet like texture. The finish is fresh, with a pleasant lingering bitterness and a hint of spice.

Alcohol by volume


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